Earn Money with Haze Vape Club – Affiliate Marketing

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Earn Money with Haze Vape Club – Affiliate Marketing

Become a Vape Club affiliate and start earning easy commission today!

A Vape Club affiliate account is free and easy to join. Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch to get you started! Earning commission is easy! Share your affiliate link on your website, social media, blog or wherever it will get traffic. For each sale your link generates we will award you a 5% reoccurring commission.

How much can I earn?
The sky is the limit! For every successful transaction you will earn 5% including renewals!

What is reoccurring commission?
Since Haze Vape Club is subscription, you will receive 5% for every initial sale and another 5% for each monthly renewal!

How does it work?
Completed the form below and a representative will review and finalize your account. Once it is approved, you will have access to creatives and your unique affiliate link. Share this link! For every customer that clicks the link and completes a purchase you will earn commission.

For example, a potential customer clicks your link after seeing your post on social media. The customer navigates the website reads about us possibly, how it works page and then goes to get started and makes a selection. No matter the package, selection, or pages browsed before they checkout, as long as your link led them to us you will receive your commission.

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