Review a Flavor!

Review a Flavor

Receive discounts and rewards by sharing your experience with others. Find a flavor that is out of this world? Leave a review and earn points. Points can be spent on subscription discounts, upgrades, free E-Juices, and promotional swag like t-shirts!


How it Works

1. Receive your monthly subscription.
2. Try your E-Juices.
3. Find the flavors you wish to review here.
4. Post a Review.
5. Once your review is approved by an admin your account will be awarded points.
6. Spend points and receive discounts.


To Qualify


Your subscription status must be active.
Review must be a quality, genuine review. A minimum of 100 words of unique content about your choice flavor. If you prefer to write more feel free!

Please feel free to be honest. If you dislike a flavor please write about why you disliked it. Was it the taste, the description, the packaging etc. Both positive and negative reviews qualify for points.

Your review can be an opinion, story or straightforward review. For example you may write why you like or dislike a juice, how you found this flavor, what made you select the flavor, your favorite vape to use it with and why, how it tastes, a memory it reminds you of. You may write about yourself and your flavor profile, your juice history, your flavor preferences, your vaporizer preference, how you started vaping etc.





Points Reward Description
3 Free mystery swag We will include a promotional item from one of the participating manufacturers in your next renewal. This can be anything from a pen to a t-shirt to a drawstring bag.
5 $5 off Save $5 on a single subscription renewal.
10 Free E-juice Get a free additional bottle of juice added to subscription for a single month.
15 Free subscription package upgrade For example, if you are currently a budget package member you will be upgraded to premium for 1 month for no additional charge.

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